Pokemon Review: Chikorita #1/122

My first ever Pokemon Card review is of the first card in the latest Pokemon expansion, BREAKpoint. It is a Basic, Grass type Pokemon with a HP of 60. It has no Ability but has 2 moves. The first one is called Tackle and does 10 damage, and the second is called Blot. This lets you do 10 damage and heal 10 damage from Chikorita.

Card Strategy:
This card is OK on its own as a starter Pokemon in your deck, but as the game progresses it become less and less useful. So if you can get this card out on the first turn, you can attack the turn after as the first attack only needs 1 energy. Its Retreat Cost is low so if it is in danger you can easily switch it out.

Card Rating:
Overall I would give this card a 4 out of 10 rating. It is good to use in the first stages of the game, but when your opponent has some powerful Pokemon-EX out they can KO Chikorita easily.


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Pokemon Card Reviews

I will be starting a Pokemon card review section for the latest expansion. I will do at least 20 reviews a week and maybe more. I focus on the latest set, playable cards, and my favourite cards from older and newer sets. Look out for the first reviews and let me know what you think!

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Blogbate News

Hey guys! Haven’t been online in ages! I will now be posting ROBLOX videos on now and until my next video, see you then!

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Pokedex Updates!

Wow, it’s been ages since I was last online! I have been WAY to busy with projects and assignments from school, so I haven’t had time to come back to this site. There will be a huge update to blogbate Pokedex, so go check it out, Pokemon fans!

Here’s the link: http://www.blogbatepokedex.wordpress.com

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Blogbate News


This post is an update about what is going on around Blogbate. Soon, my new YouTube channel will be coming out, Mudkip2009TV, so watch out for that! My goal is to reach 100 subscribers at first. I will also be doing Pokemon card reviews every day and also giving away one of the codes for the Pokemon Online TCG! My new site will be www.mudkip2009tv.com, so the card reveiw will be on there. Leave a comment giving your opinion on what type of video you want me to make and I will try my best to do most of the requests!

The 50 Word Challenge is going to be included in this post. So today’s prompt is:

‘My favourite movie is…’

Describe why you liked this movie and if you will watch it again. Try and be as descriptive as possible in your description. Remember you only have 50 words, though!

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Homeroom Comments

Leave your Homeroom question opinions here please!

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50 Word Challenge: It’s Back!

Hey, the one and only 50 Word Challenge is back! Today’s prompt is… Drum roll please…

‘Today I…’

Good Luck!

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